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Global citizenship and internationalization are necessary steppingstones to provide an excellent standard in education.

Preparing students for their participation in society is one of the core tasks of education. This core task will become more and more important in the future.

We believe that it is essential to include global citizenship and internationalization in the school programs. These topics are of great importance in our educational programs. Particularly in our bilingual education but in all forms of education it should be part of the curriculum.

Especially in a time of individualisation we feel it is very important to familiarize children/ students with other cultures. Learning about different cultures and other ways of living, will help students to understand and learn from each other.   Of course there are all sorts of teaching programs in the classroom where students learn about other cultures. But Let us be honest; it is so much more fun to add these teaching components to your educational trips!

Global education is specialized to implement global citizenship and internationalization in different ways and from various points of view during your trip. Not an ordinary multi day student trip but a journey with a vision. What is more fun than pushing your boundaries with other students or/ peers and to delve into each other’s worlds and cultures.

With bilingual education you offer your students a solid base for an international future;

The 3 pillars of our education

Language Proficiency

Students will master English on a high(er) level. They can/will not only use the language in a class room, but also in several international and/or intercultural settings, regardless the topic of the conversation. The CLIL- didactics (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is an important tool to achieve this. These are the didactics behind bilingual education and include/ involve communicative skills and linguistic feeling.

Global Citizenship

Students develop an open and wide view of the world by creating an international setting on a daily basis at school, but also sending them into the big wide world to explore and experience this for themselves.

Which skills do students need to master to be an excellent global citizen?
Hereunder seven skills we would like them to develop:

A Global Citizen:

  • Shows respect, empathy and is able to communicate with people of different backgrounds no matter where they live;
  • Is empathetic in what others think, feel and need
  • Shares core values;
  • Can cope with arguments and conflicts;
  • Is accountable for his/her behaviour and is also capable to address others on their attitude;
  • Prevents exclusion of others from the group everyone is equal
  • Can engage to improve the lives of others where possible

Personal Development

Personal development is basically the goal of the first 2 pillars. The student will grow as a person. He or she can reflect, is involved, responsible, creative, entrepreneurial and resilient.

The Nuffic ( Dutch organisation for internationalization in the education) writes:
Global Citizenship provides for an international dimension at school. The students become aware that they are part of a global system and are connected with the rest of the world. In this they play an active part as world citizen. You could say that global citizenship is the sum of internationalization and citizenship.

Global Education has developed a unique learning opportunity to take your educational school trip to a higher level.


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