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For internationalization you don’t always have to travel far; being international is a broadened concept. National, regional and digital can also be international. Like for example you can visit Brussels (the European Parliamentarian) and the house of European History. Or stay in Holland; tourists from all over the world visit our lovely country on a daily basis; so there is a lot of internationalization just outside your school class. A multi day excursion in Holland can also be done in English!

Student exchange

An exchange between schools in Holland and foreign countries is a way to live, like and experience different languages and cultures. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to have foreign schools visit Holland. Every now and then we succeed to organise the exchange, but normally it takes a lot of patience. Of course we try our utmost to organise this for your school.

SMART online project

In a secured digital environment (AVG Proof - NEN 7510 certificated) your students will have contact, under the supervision of the teacher, with other students from all over the world. Prior to a school visit abroad or for schools who are not so fortunate to travel, it is a perfect way to have international contacts through a digitally secured environment. Start up projects together or organize an interview; The sky is the limit!!!

Drama/ Theatre workshop

Drama allows students to freely empathize and sympathize in an everyday situation. Without effort they learn to work together, communicate, present and be creative in and with the English language. We can offer these workshops during your stay in England but also here in Holland we organise these workshops. “Stage-ed” will then come from the UK and organise a tailor made workshop at your school. Watch a presentation here or download the presentation about stage-ed (pdf).

Next level theatre-/ drama workshop

In bilingual education, contact with (international) students from the same age is highly valued. Together with Stage-ed we developed an interactive adventure in which both Dutch and English students work together during a drama and theatre workshop. After getting acquainted the students will be mixed and work in smaller groups on their expression and creativity. Extremely fun and an invaluable experience.

School immerse program

A good alternative for an exchange visit is the School Immerse Program. Students travel to England to enjoy and experience the life of an English student within the same age group. During this week students stay with an English host family and will go to an English school for 4 days where they will immerse and follow the regular classes. Of course we will try to schedule in some time off so you have time to explore the area where you are staying. Surely after some hard work at school there also needs to be time to relax!

School visit

For bilingual students from the age of 14-15 we offer the possibility to include a school visit during their stay in a foreign country. It is an absolute highlight on your trip; very educational and also a great experience to participate and enjoy the way of teaching in a different country. In particular the educational system in England is quite different than in Holland. In many schools in England children still wear a uniform and treat each other with a lot of respect and discipline. Some students even line up when their class or school is being visited!

We will search for a school where you can either follow a morning or day program.

Normally your students will be linked to a buddy of the foreign school and follow the schedule of the buddy. Your buddy will take care of you during that whole day.

Sometimes the school organises a mutual assignment or activity where students from the Dutch school will work together with the English students.


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